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Mythical Mirage Creations

Large Spindown D20 - 30mm Chonk Dice - Verdant Coast

Large Spindown D20 - 30mm Chonk Dice - Verdant Coast

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Take your game to the next level with our Large Spindown D20.  Featuring numbers that spin down from 20, designed to keep track of life totals.  Handmade, and hand polished to a gloss, each dice is unique.  Verdant Coast has a brilliant green base with a dark glitter base surrounded by a pearl coast.

  • Handmade, hand polished, hand painted
  • 20 Sided Die 
  • 30mm Size
  • White Numbers
  • Numbers spin down from 20


Contact us with any questions or if you'd like to have dice custom made!  Dice Guardian sold separately. 


All sales of dice are final.  Dice are made of epoxy resin and are balanced for table top gaming.  

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Materials and care

  • Made from two part epoxy resin. May include glitter, pigments, and baby oil.

  • Avoid extreme heat and direct sunlight.

  • Do not scrub or soak.

  • Hand wash with mild dish soap.

  • Not dishwasher or microwave safe.