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Keyboard Clicker Fidget - Tetrominoes and WASD

Keyboard Clicker Fidget - Tetrominoes and WASD

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The Keyboard Fidget Keychain is perfect for tech-fans and gamers alike. Click your stress away with our new shapes! Available in red, blue, green, black, and pink! Keycaps are even interchangeable with a regular mechanical keyboard! We selected Seemingly Blue switches for a nice loud clicky sound.

  • Seemingly Blue switches 
  • Available in five colors


Whether you need a new fidget addiction, or wish your keyboard was clickier, order yours today or as a gift for a twitchy friend.

Please contact us directly if you have any questions or concerns!


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Materials and care

  • Made from high quality PLA filament.

  • Small defects are expected from 3D prints.

  • Products with smaller features may have sharp edges or delicate parts.

  • No two prints will look the same, each ends up unique in color patterns. (This does not include full color prints)

  • Do not expose to extreme heat.

  • All 3D designs are licensed from artists. Check the artist page for more information.