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Mythical Mirage Creations

Pokémon Mystery Box

Pokémon Mystery Box

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Unravel the Thrills of the Pokemon Mystery Figure Collection! Embark on a quest of surprise and wonder as each 4-inch figure emerges as a captivating enigma from the vibrant Pokemon universe.

Every figure holds the magic of surprise, with a chance to be a random color or even a full-color wonder! Discover the joy of collecting as you unwrap these captivating characters, each offering a unique and delightful surprise.

But that's not all! Alongside your mystery figure, each set includes an exclusive vinyl sticker, perfect for celebrating your love for Pokemon in style.

Indulge in the excitement of the unknown with our random assortment, featuring a dazzling array of iconic Pokemon figures and stickers. Crafted with intricate details, each figure captures the essence of these beloved characters.

Whether you're a seasoned Pokemon Trainer or a budding fan, the Pokemon Mystery Figure Collection promises an extraordinary and magical experience with every unboxing.

Embrace the mystery and add an element of surprise to your Pokemon collection. Unveil the wonders of the Pokemon Mystery Figure Collection and ignite your passion for these legendary creatures with each delightful discovery.

(Note: The Pokemon Mystery Figure Collection contains randomly selected figures and stickers, offering an exciting variety of surprises. Each set includes one 4-inch mystery figure and one exclusive vinyl sticker. Figures may come in random colors or reveal themselves as full-color treasures.)

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Materials and care

  • Made from high quality PLA filament.

  • Small defects are expected from 3D prints.

  • Products with smaller features may have sharp edges or delicate parts.

  • No two prints will look the same, each ends up unique in color patterns. (This does not include full color prints)

  • Do not expose to extreme heat.

  • All 3D designs are licensed from artists. Check the artist page for more information.