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Mythical Mirage Creations

Tara - Ice-Cream Narwhal - Mythical Pets

Tara - Ice-Cream Narwhal - Mythical Pets

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About Me:

"Tara, like all Narwhals, is quite an exceptional huntress. She loves diving as deep as she can get to find the biggest squids. Even though no one has seen one, Tara swears Krakens are delicious."

Have you ever wanted your own familiar?  Or always wanted to adopt a Narwhal?

Tara is a great desk companion, her articulated body is satisfying to play and fidget with!

Tara measures about 6" long from nose to tail!

Like all of our Mythical Pets, Tara comes with an adoption certificate.  The certificate has your new pet's name, biography, and a place to sign to promise to love and care for your new pet!


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Materials and care

  • Made from high quality PLA filament.

  • Small defects are expected from 3D prints.

  • Products with smaller features may have sharp edges or delicate parts.

  • No two prints will look the same, each ends up unique in color patterns. (This does not include full color prints)

  • Do not expose to extreme heat.

  • All 3D designs are licensed from artists. Check the artist page for more information.

  • Mythical Mirage Creations is an authorized seller for Layersingreen designs.